Engine Shipment Requirements

GAT Logistics Solutions has extensive experience in moving engines by truck or by air. The team will ensure that engine movements are handled according to all transport standards and customs regulations to ensure safe and on-time delivery. The GAT Logistics team will provide:

  • Air ride trucking all the way
  • Forklift loading and unloading as well as crane solutions as required
  • Dangerous goods shipment
  • Verification of the dimensions, with cowls, plugs, and other restrictive items to make sure estimates and accurate dimensions match
  • Chains and strapping compliance
  • Protection of the engine with wrap, shrink wrapping, and tarping to protect the engine from weather
  • GPS tracking devices to know the exact engine location
  • Certificates from airworthiness authorities such as the FAA or EASA to confirm if serviceable or previously serviceable for customs purposes

These are just some of the many real examples of what we look for to provide the best solution to our customers. Knowledge of essential elements makes our shipments successful. Based on the country an engine is coming from and going to, the engine’s condition, if serviceable or unserviceable, can be an essential factor. Engine values are very high, so if duties are assessed, those costs can be much more expensive than the shipping of the engine alone. We know the importance of being proactive and we act, before required, to save our customers challenges, delays, and duties.

We manage all engine shipments according to the highest standards of supply chain management and are committed to 100% engine shipment compliance