Time Critical International AOG Shipments

Time critical AOG shipments require a wide range of flight options and great connections for pickup and deliveries, anywhere in the world.

GAT Logistics Solutions can support our customers from pickup to delivery in the quickest manner. We offer the best options for any critical situation – Next Flight Out or an On-Board Courier- and are ready to help. Our experienced experts plan the entire supply chain from booking, pickup, and delivery to the airport, cut-off times, loading, flight, unloading, customs clearances, and final destination delivery.

We are familiar with export and import customs procedures worldwide; we know what is essential to get your shipment on its way and delivered.

GAT Logistics experts bring transparency into every supply chain management project. With the exact location and tracing of the shipment, the customer can plan to receive and install the part. Our GPS trackers display any shipment and are viewable on an online map, precise down by to a few feet over a 1,000-mile journey.

We know that time can be critical. We also know that a package from the United States to Europe can be sent in the most cost-effective manner: Standard, AOG next flight, or On-Board Courier. Cost management and Aircraft on Ground with Safety Concerns are our primary goals. We know the customer’s priorities from the first moment we get your request.