Specific Project Cargo and Oversize Shipments

International project cargo and oversize shipments require knowledge and experience to move the freight seamlessly and on time.

The initial setup of the project and oversized cargo begins with determining the exact dimensions of the freight and units of measurement – feet or meters. GAT Logistics Solutions experts understand the overall effect of the dimensions of your cargo and how it drives your shipment from beginning to end. For example, suppose your freight moves through different countries in Europe – in that case, oversized cargo must comply with individual national requirements as it passes through various countries.

Based on the requirements, a shipment may be delayed in a country for a weekend simply because it is declared as oversized. Meanwhile, after crossing the border into another country, it may no longer be considered oversized. Individual countries can also limit when your cargo is permitted on the road – no weekends or holidays, daytime or nighttime only.

It is critical to work with GAT Logistics Solutions to make each shipment a stress-free project when it comes to overall width when escorting the load is required

When our GAT Logistics experts discuss air freight with our customers, they know that oversize cargo has similar opportunities to use road transport. The dimensions of the crate or container define which aircraft can be used and if the shipment can be placed in the lower or main deck. Placement of that cargo in a lower or main deck space can make a significant difference in the freight cost.

Should we see the potential, we will advise our customers and verify if their shipment dimensions can be reduced safely and promptly. For example, the new container and crates might fit into a lower deck, don’t need a 747-nose loader, or can fly in a smaller aircraft.  Our attention to detail is meticulous.

GAT Logistics is familiar with managing oversize and project cargo from the beginning to the end. Safe, efficient, and on-time. Our experience and knowledge are available 24/7.